Since 2017, our founders, Yasmine Blidi & Amir Ghamsary, have made it their mission to unite leaders to do good, have fun and be remarkable!

They have created Remarkable World as a dynamic platform that connect and engage leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world, to build strong relationships, create new opportunities and finding solutions, no matter if it in your day-to-day life or if we need to solve global challenges, together we can make a difference.

They have made it their mission to empower leaders who are working hard and providing positively to the society. By being the connecting point and pursue ways of having balance in life. With a balanced work and private life, we can give back to the society and make our world a Remarkable World. They have gathered a diverse team, and put together the Remarkable World platform, to be able to manifest this mission and vision.



Based in Stockholm, but with a global outlook.


Yasmine Blidi

Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Remarkable World.

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amir Ghamsary

Founder, Chairman and CTO of Remarkable World.

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